Spring has sprung

Allergens on the March

As warmer weather approaches the northern hemisphere, it is once again the time of year allergy sufferers dread. Another mild winter is likely to mean that the air will be filled with pollens earlier this year. Outside and inside vehicles, this can have serious implications. At a speed of 80 km/h, one sneeze means effectively driving blind for around 25 meters. Confirming what this means in real terms, the Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD), estimates that allergy sufferers have a 30 percent greater risk of getting into an accident.

A good cabin air filter offers the best defense

The best form of protection is a well-functioning cabin air filter. In traffic, the concentration of particles and pollens that enter the vehicle is up to six times higher than outside. Even among those moderately sensitive to allergens, this concentration can result in sneezing, watery eyes and other symptoms that increase the risk to drivers. The microfiber technology in micronAir cabin air filters provides reliable and effective protection for drivers and passengers. However, the filters can only continue to function at maximum effectiveness if they are regularly changed. Particle filters cycle between 10 and 150 liters of incoming air every second. Over time, the particles deposited on the fibers compromise performance. Changing a vehicle’s cabin air filter at least annually or every 10k miles, whichever comes first, ensures effective protection all year round.

Enhanced functionality increases safety

Building on the protection offered by the basic particulate filter, the micronAir combi filter adds an activated carbon layer. This additionally adsorbs odors and various gases, such as benzene or ozone, which can cause headaches, coughing or watery eyes. At the premium end of the range, micronAir proTect line filters offer drivers and passengers the best possible protection. Alongside its particulate filters and an activated carbon layer, the micronAir proTect line adds a functional layer that is impregnated with a fruit extract free of biocides and nano silver. This functional layer efficiently and permanently denatures allergens. The result is the removal of virtually 100% of all allergens ≥2 µm and microspores.

So if you want to avoid the negative effects of pollens and other allergens inside your vehicle this spring, choose micronAir proTect line. 


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