Reasons to believe

Why drivers request top-quality cabin air filters

When it comes to choosing and owning a car, there are many factors influencing our purchasing decisions. One criterion that is gaining importance is reliable protection against pollutants and allergens. Car manufacturers are recognizing this trend as health, wellbeing and cabin comfort are given increased priority in design considerations.


Breaking up is hard to do

Despite the growing debate about alternative modes of travel and the need to act in a more environmentally responsible manner, a recent international study revealed that the majority of consumers still rely on and desire car ownership. (Source: GfK Connected Car study, 5,800 consumers aged 16 and over, November 2014 (Brazil, China, Germany, Russia, the UK and the USA))

Top of the list of reasons why to own a car was the general statement, “Owning a car is important to me” (55%), followed by “Cars represent independence and freedom” (52%). However, a growing number of current car owners (21%-46%, depending on nationality) stated that they would like to switch to more environmentally friendly modes of travel.

Wellbeing concerns on the rise

What is interesting is the rise in importance of general wellbeing, which the study showed overtaking performance and technology. On a scale of 1-5, “wellbeing” factors including health averaged 3.85, while “gratification” aspects averaged 3.74. It is hard to imagine drivers prioritizing wellbeing over feel good criteria even a few years ago.

Top 4 reasons for the best possible interior air quality

Taking that as our start point, what might be the top 4 reasons for automotive manufacturers 

to provide their customers with the best possible cabin air quality?


1. Health protection 

As pollution levels rise, people are increasingly searching for vehicles that protect their health when on the move. This increases as consumers become more aware that levels of pollution inside the vehicle can be six times higher than outside.


2. Road safety

Millions of people worldwide suffer from allergies, with pollen being at the top of the list. One sneeze at 50 m/h or 80 km/h will leave you driving blind for 80 feet or 25 meters. Top-quality cabin air filters prevent pollen from entering the cabin and thus increase driving safety.


3. Boasting rights

As media coverage of polluted air and its health risks continues to grow, it’s natural that people want to demonstrate that they are actively protecting their health and that of their friends and loved ones.


4. Odor neutralization

The very best cabin air filters, such as the micronAir proTect line, effectively adsorb noxious gases and odors. Great news if you’re just driving the family back from a sporting activity.