Service Day 2019, Brescia, Italy

Freudenberg participates for the first time

In partnership with Fiat Chrysler’s OES Organization Mopar, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies participated in Service Day 2019, held in Brescia, Italy, from November 8-9. The focus of the event was on the importance of using genuine spare parts so as to protect end users from sub-standard imitations.

The Freudenberg-Mopar Marketing partnership is lasting since many years. In 2019 it strengthened further with a shared target of improved air quality inside the car, for the benefit of the car driver. The first step was began in January 2019 with the first “Product Lab” event: a workshop which concentrated on the theme of upselling combi filters against as alternative to standard particle filters and highlighted the micronAir Gas Shield solution as a potential new platform. During Springtime and Summer, successful Marketing and Sales campaigns were providing a feedback of clear attention of the customers to the theme of health protection when in the car. This was taking to the decision to participate in partnership to the Service Day 2019.

OES sector under pressure

Original equipment suppliers are under constant pressure from the independent aftermarket (IAM), which tends to focus aggressively on pricing. As a result, there are strong temptations to choose cheap imitations over the original parts. This carries obvious dangers for human health and safety. Accordingly, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ presentation was directed at raising awareness of the risks of imitations by explaining the structural and functional differences between them and the original equipment. The booth team also discussed how to upsell the more efficient combi filters and presented the company’s customizable micronAir Gas Shield innovation. A smell testing unit, available at the Freudenberg booth, was then at once proving to the visitors, how the activated carbon filters offer the additional feature to protect from main harmful gases and odors, when comparing to particle filters.

More than just a trade fair

Rather than simply serving as a platform for manufacturers to present their products and solutions, the key feature of the Service Day was the number and quality of meetings, technical presentations and workshops. Overall, the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies team was delighted with the level of interest and understanding shown by participants. A further bonus was the opportunity to talk in depth to industry professionals about the quality and effectiveness of micronAir cabin air filtration solutions.