OES filters: your competitive edge

Working together with us to develop customized cabin air filter solutions can give you and your brand a competitive edge.

Over the last two years, there has been a massive increase in health awareness and especially the need to protect against airborne particles and viruses. This is creating a major sales opportunity for you.

By specifying advanced micronAir cabin air filters in your vehicles and via your authorized workshops, you protect both drivers and passengers. Our range of solutions extends right though to achieving the best-possible air quality inside the vehicle.

With micronAir cabin air filters, you protect your customer’s health against all forms of particulate matter, gases, allergens and aerosols.

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A recognized need

Even before the recent pandemic, there was a huge and ongoing need for in-vehicle protection.

According to a 2018 study by the World Health Organization, nine out of ten of all the people on earth breathe polluted air, with approximately seven million people dying every year from the health consequences.

This problem is not confined to high-density urban areas but affects everyone. While rural areas are not as vulnerable to vehicle emissions and soot, for example, they are often exposed to high levels of particulate matter from power stations or crop burning, not to mention much higher levels of allergens at certain times of the year.

Even with the rapid development and spread of electric mobility, that will not be enough to achieve significant improvements in air quality worldwide. This is because the main sources of air pollution can be traced to the construction industry, industrial combustion processes and nature.

Make clean air count

Choosing advanced micronAir cabin air filters as your preferred OES equipment is something that you can communicate powerfully in your marketing materials. After all, who does not want the best possible protection when travelling by car? So it’s important to make vehicle owners aware that you are offering consistently clean air via your network of authorized workshops.

As Volker Bräunling, Global Director Technical Center Automotive, explained: “An increasing number of people around the world want to actively protect themselves and their loved ones from air pollution. Our advanced cabin air filter solutions are tailored to regional air conditions to ensure reliable protection, in all regions of the world.”

To continuously keep the air in the car as clean as possible, the cabin air filter must be replaced regularly – ideally twice per year, according to the German Engineers’ Association as stated in VDI 6032. Ideally at the start of spring, when pollen season starts, and again in autumn. This opens up significant additional sales potential.

Strict quality standards

micronAir cabin air filters are thoroughly tested in our filter laboratories and in practical field tests. In the lab, our specialists carry out standardized performance tests according to national and international standards, as well as special tests under significantly more demanding conditions. Before we release a new filter innovation to market, we also subject the prototypes to numerous real-world practical testing scenarios.

The performance data generated in these processes provides valuable knowledge, which forms the basis for the ongoing co-creation development of customized solutions for specific vehicles or regional climatic conditions.

Here for you, when you need us

Freudenberg invented the cabin air filter.

With our decades of experience in consulting, developing, commercializing and producing cabin air filters, we can support you through the entire value chain for innovative air treatment systems in vehicles. As pioneers of cabin air filtration, we are also very familiar with the increasing demands of your workshop networks and end-user customers for outstanding air quality inside vehicles.

Whether the problem is pollen, soot, dust, allergens, gases or unpleasant odors, we ensure that drivers and passengers can breathe freely and safely. When you choose to work with us to develop your ideal solution, you can rely on excellent service and the easy availability and can-do attitude of our filtration experts and development specialists at our 34 global locations.

Talk to us about your needs and take the opportunity to promote both sales growth and margins by offering motorists around the world the solutions they are demanding.


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