Freudenberg teams up with Blueair

Partnering to shape the future of new clean air concepts

In the quest to take cabin air filtration to the next level, Blueair Cabin Air AB and Freudenberg Filtration Technologies recently entered into a collaborative relationship on developing clean air solutions. The objective is to combine the benefits of ionization and cabin air filtration to shape the future of air purifying technology.

This initiative is a response to a constantly growing industry demand for an  even more efficient cabin air filtration system. That demand is in turn being driven by increased public awareness of the risks of breathing polluted air inside the vehicle.

The World Health Organization (WHO) currently estimates that 4.2 million premature deaths annually are linked to ambient air pollution, mainly attributable to heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections in children. With in-vehicle pollution up to six times as high as ambient levels, the need for advanced air filtration technology is urgent.

Combining complementary technologies

Freudenberg and Blueair are exploring ways of combining ionization with cutting-edge filtration technology to create an entirely new clean air concept. Ionization imparts an electrical charge to particles entering the vehicle’s air intake system. Particles are then captured by high-efficiency filters to ensure a continuous flow of pure air into the cabin.

To achieve very high efficiency levels, the ionizer and the filtration material must adapt to each other. The micronAir cabin air filter must be optimized to the ionizer system and the ionizer customized to suit OEM installation. The ultimate goal is a holistic system of sensors, filtration and ionizers that is fully integrated into the digital car.