Making micronAir filtration performance visible

Although there is ample independent scientific evidence of the real effectiveness of high-performance cabin air filters in removing particulate matter from the air, it’s not something most of us will ever see with our own eyes.

To make the benefits visible, Freudenberg colleagues in North America recently created a video demonstration. Smoke is used to simulate the variety of particles that would otherwise enter the vehicle cabin, and then how quickly and completely our latest innovation – the micronAir proTect line cabin air filter – removes it from the air.

The particle fog simulated by the smoke can contain anything from soot and tire debris to pollens, dusts, fine particulate matter – such as the tiny fractions created by such things as wild fires or dust storms – as well as aerosols. While we always trust in the effectiveness of high-performance cabin air filters, it’s good to be able to ‘see’ the unseen at work.